Maniac Magee Spotted at Halloween Party

  Maniac is spotted at a Halloween party walking around with Mars Bar.He acted bad but he was really terrified.He was in the West End with a bunch of whites.A half hour later a boy from a gang jumped from the ceiling,”Geronimo!”Boooooom!”Ouch!What is the matter with you!I am going to knock your head off!Are you even listening to me!Hello!Mars Bar was really upset  at the cobra.Everything was very silent for the rest of the Halloween party.When Mars Bar went home he said he had the absolute worst day of his.

One thought on “Maniac Magee Spotted at Halloween Party

  1. I went to a Halloween party on October,29 and I thought this would be a good thing to write about because in the book Maniac brings Mars Bar to a party.

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